DT Field Guide for social enterprise

The DT Field Guide for social enterprise has been piloted in 5 workshops in the UK, Finland, Greece, and Spain.

The SocialUP multiplier events

The SocialUP multiplier events have been carried out in the UΚ, Finland, Greece and Spain. The SocialUP outputs, and especially the online DT field guide for social enterprises, have been showcased to a mixed audience of approximately 170 participants in all countries.

DesignThinkers UK at #TPC2018 in Liverpool!

DesignThinkers UK, leader of Social UP, is participating and representing the project at the Towards Collaborative Practice #TCP2018 Youth Community Social Entrepreneurship, Youth and Vocational Education Forum in Liverpool, UK on 27-30 March 2018! The 2018 forum will be a meeting and exchange, encouraging cross-sectoral collaboration and partnership building between Erasmus+ formal and non-formal sectors on everything related to social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning.

SocialUP Athens workshop on local news!

Without vision (“όραμα”) and a good/ functional team (“λειτουργία ομάδας”), impact and sustainability of social enterprises would be highly affected and remain limited. That was the key finding of our mini experiential DT workshop in Athens.

Supporting online business ideation process

Social UP featured among the Associate Partners at the pan-european online business ideation contest #IOBIC2017, organised in the frame of EU project VOICE and its online startup ideabator www.innovvoice.com. The two projects have a longstanding collaboration, maximising impact of EU projects on the support of entrepreneurship. 

Design Thinking Workshop in Athens

Vision (“όραμα”) and a good/ functional team (“λειτουργία ομάδας”) are key to sustain an impactful social enterprise! A design thinking workshop was held in Athens to discuss and confirm the challenges, needs potential of social enteprises in Greece.

SocialUP partners meet in Vaasa, Finland

Partners of EU project Social UP I Design Thinking for Social Enterprises meet and co-create in Vaasa, Finland, hosted by Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and MUOVA at their inspired and design thinking oriented workspace in the region of Western Finland, home to the majority of enterprises and to the national energy industry. 

SocialUP central at Europe Day 2017 in Greece

Representatives from SocialUP Greek partner Social Enterprise knowl for Education and Lifelong Learning were invited to participate at the "Knowledge Shots" event celebrating Europe Day at the city of Drama on Northern Greece. 

Design thinking co-creation workshop in Edinburgh

Social UP hosts its first workshop Design Thinking co-creation workshop "Think like a startup" with the participation of 20 social enterprises and support agencies from across Scotland.

SocialUP presented in Rome, Italy

The Social UP project was presented in Rome, Italy at the event of Fondazione Exclusiva on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) held in partnership with EU project USR-NET - European Network of Socially Responsible Universities. 

Thank you epixeiro.gr for sharing!

Renowned entrepreneurial news online platform in Greece epixeiro.gr shares the project surveys on challenges, needs and potential of social enterprises and work with its wide readers and followers database. Thank you! 

SocialUP at Skoll World Forum 2017

UK SocialUP partner Social Enterprise Mark's Rachel Brown represented the project, speaking to social enterprises and other delegates at the recent Skoll World Forum 2017. 

SocialUP featuring in innovvoice.com newsletter!

The collaboration of Social UP with EU project VOICE and its online startup ideabator www.innovvoice.com during Startup Europe Week 2017 #SEW17 in Aarhus University, Denmark was part of the innovvoice newsletter to a vibrant, global entrepreneurial community of thousands of members. 

SocialUP online surveys on challenges of social enterprises

Take a few minutes to participate to the survey! The surveys are available in four languages. Choose the survey that responds to your role in social enterpreneurship and the language in which you would like to take it. We highly appreciate your input to the Social UP project research!

Social UP presented in Startup Europe Week 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark

EU project Social UP was presented to an entrepreneurial crowd during Startup Europe Week 2017 #SEW17 in Aarhus University, Denmark.

EU project Social UP kicks off in Birmingham

The first meeting among the partners was kindly hosted by project leader DesignThinkers UK in The Moseley Exchange, an inspiring local successful social enterprise