Take a few minutes to participate to the survey! The surveys are available in four languages. Choose the survey that responds to your role in social enterpreneurship and the language in which you would like to take it. We highly appreciate your input to the Social UP project research!


Are you a social enterpreneur? Choose language to respond  English  Spanish  Finnish  Greek

Are you a (social) business adviser, VET trainers, social enteprise association or social partner? Choose language to respond  English  Spanish  Finnish  Greek


The aim of this questionnaire is to identify the key needs and challenges of social enterprises, how these challenges are addressed while exploring how they could better be addressed. The outcomes of the survey will be used for developing open access training material, a Design Thinking Field Guide for Social Enterprises, to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of social enterprises while also safeguarding and stengthening the impact of their social mission. The training material is addressed to social enterpreneurs, design thinkers, social business advisers, VET trainers, social partners and social enterprise associations supporting social enterprises. 

All survey participants will be invited to take part in person or online to the Design Thinking for Social Enterprises Workshops to take place in project countries (UK, Finland, Greece, Spain) on the findings of the questionnaire and other research on the challenges of social enterprises and how to address them through design thinking.